Saturday · 20 August 2022 · 3:00 pm

Perfectly unfinished meets classically finished

Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt
Ramón Jaffé · violoncello
GMD Jörg-Peter Weigle · conductor

Franz Schubert · Symphony no. 7 in B minor D759 (Unfinished Symphony)
Franz Schubert · Cello Concerto in A minor (after the “Arpeggione” sonata, adapted by Gaspar Cassadó)
Felix Weingartner · Symphony no. 6 in B minor op. 74 “La Tragica”

Change in the concert programme:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart · Symphony  no 38 D major KV 504 "Prager"

Is it really unfinished, the "Unfinished" by Franz Schubert, which has long been a repertoire hit of almost every self-respecting symphony orchestra? Did he not rather compose it as an alternative symphonic solution to the hitherto standard-setting Beethoven? Could it therefore not be that he regarded the two movements as perfect in form? Perhaps it is also no coincidence that the main theme of the Sonata for Arpeggione, a hybrid of guitar and cello, is reminiscent of the beginning of the "Unfinished"? The instrument's existence was short-lived, and later a number of violists and cellists took up its works. One of them was the Spaniard Gaspar Cassadó, who adapted the sonata as a cello concerto. Finally, Mozart's "Prague" Symphony, in which scholarly and gallant style are ingeniously interwoven, is original and classically accomplished.

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