Saturday • 23 July 2022 • 3:00 pm

In a country-humoured mood

Berliner Symphoniker
Judith Ingolfssohn · violin
Vladimir Stoupel · onductor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart · Overture to “The Marriage of Figaro”, commedia per musica KV 492
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart · Violin Concerto no. 5 in A major KV 219
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy · ”Italian” Symphony no. 4 op. 90

About the Figaro overture, Mozart’s biographer Herbert Abert once said that it was all about motion to the highest power thinkable. “It comes as though scurrying in from afar in that famous seven-bar motif and takes two run-ups to gain its full swing. But then it starts stirring high and low with laughter, giggling and triumph, … and finally, the whole thing speeds towards a jubilant finale in a bacchanalian torrent of sound.” Just over a month before his twentieth birthday, Mozart finished his Violin Concerto in A major. The key represents abundant beauty in his work, but he wouldn’t be Mozart if there weren’t demonic undertones here and there as well. Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony, set in the same key, also radiates sweeping elegance and pulsates with Mediterranean liveliness.

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