Saturday 22 July 2023 3:00 pm

Golden sounds from brass tubes

German Brass

Music from three centuries by Johann Sebastian Bach · Ludwig van Beethoven · Richard Wagner · William Ross · John Kander and others

“Colourful, diverse and highly convincing,” such was the appraisal the Clarino music magazine gave to German Brass in 2013, adding that with only ten musicians it sounded like a big orchestra. And indeed, these musicians can celebrate, mourn, triumph and swing from the bottom of their hearts, and wherever in the world they go, venues are filled to the last seat. They may play a moving Bach piece, belt out a mighty Wagner or present some modern evergreens in an ear-friendly way, there are no limits stylistically. With their glamorous mix of sounds, German Brass take us on a thrilling journey through the worlds of both classical and pop music. And by the way, all members of the ensemble are soloists from top German orchestras and, incidentally, university professors as well.

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