Saturday • 16 July 2022 • 3:00 pm

When brass turns to gold

German Brass

Music by Georg Friedrich Händel · Johann Sebastian Bach Gioacchino Rossini · Ludwig van Beethoven · Giuseppe Verdi Leonard Bernstein · George Gershwin and from all around the world

"When we play brass, we can deliver a range of sounds and dynamic expression which is unparalleled in any other family of instruments,” Matthias Höfs, trumpet-playing member of German Brass, describes the impressive skills of his group. “We turn brass into gold” – resounding gold, that is. Whoever knows German Brass is probably aware that they not only play great music ranging from pop through classical and jazz to film scores but also have a lot of fun when they do. All its members are soloists from top-class German orchestras and university professors and have been creating captivating sounds between baroque and blockbuster through their refined arrangements for decades.

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