Sturnday • 2 July 2022 • 12:00 noon

Children‘s concert • A trip along the Silk Road
suitable for children from 6 years

Konzerthausorchester Berlin
Tabea Dupree • Sprecherin
Burhan Öçal • Darbouka
Murat Cakmaz • Ney
Serkan Kaynarcali • Kanoun
Xu Fengxia • Zheng

Howard Griffiths • Leitung

Fabian Künzli"Jin and the Magic Melon", a musical fairy tale by Fabian Künzli (music) and Howard Griffiths (story)

Howard Griffiths, a storyteller with a lot of imagination, has presented the young and older lovers of his art with another literary solitaire: Jin and the Magic Melon, a musical journey along the Silk Road with all kinds of exotic instruments to discover. When Sven tries to cut a melon bought on the market, someone begins to speak from inside it. His name is Jin, he is under a spell and in great danger. Because if he can't find four exotic instruments, he will have to stay in the melon and will be eaten by the weather god. Neither Jin nor Sven want that – and off they go on their journey, riding on a flying carpet, of course, and supported by Fabian Künzli‘s sophisticated and rhythmically cheering music.

Subject to change!

Tickets 17 € · 15 € · 13 · 11 · 9 · 7 · 12 € plus 10% advance booking fee
Children up to the age of 6 are admitted free of charge.
Discount per ticket 3 €