Saturday · 13 August 2022 · 3:00 pm

Family concert – What the orchestra can tell

Berliner Symphoniker
Stefan Holzapfel · narrator
Jürgen Bruns · conductor

Marko Mihevc · ”Orient Express“ (Part 1: From Paris to the Balkan)
George Kleinsinger · Tubby the Tuba
Sergej Prokofjew · Peter and the Wolf

A journey from Paris to Istanbul can take its time, especially when made by train. But on the Orient Express by Slowenian composer Marko Mihevc, time seems to fly and becomes unforgettable. Starting off with a French waltz in Montmartre, we soon hear the thud and clatter of wheels on rails made tangible by a cello and bass. Landscapes are dashing by at racing speed… Then Tubby the Tuba tells a story about how she learnt to play a beautiful melody with the help of a forest frog. And when finally a shrewd young boy named Peter has captured the evil wolf and brought it to the zoo, all listeners young and old will be completely happy. Chorin does that.

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Children up to the age of 6 are admitted free of charge.
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