Saturday ∙ 24 July 2021 ∙ 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm

Oyfn Veg – klezmer meets jazz

Troyke and Band

Sharon Brauner, Karsten Troyke vocals
Max Doehlemann Klezmer Jazz Project

He has led a rich life, has Karsten Troyke, chansonnier, actor and voice-over artist. Born Karsten Bertolt Sellhorn in Berlin, he worked with mentally handicapped children and earned his first musical reputation playing gypsy music before fully devoting himself to chanson singing and, in particular, Yiddish songs. Today, he has become a world-travelling ambassador of the genre. When he stops in Chorin Oyfn Veg (on the way), many of the traditional songs he plays will be wrapped in jazz. On the list are “Vinsht mir a bissele Glick” and his adaptation of Brecht’s and Weill's Mack the Knife.

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