Dresden Kreuzchor

Sunday ∙ 25 July 2021 ∙ 3:00 pm, 6pm

The fabulous sound of boys' voices, made in Dresden

Dresden Kreuzchor
Choirmaster Roderich Kreile • director

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Heinrich Schütz and others

Indestructible vigour of voices, marked articulation and artful expressiveness – this boys' choir has been one of the world's most famous ones for more than eight centuries. Its specific sound comes from intensive daily rehearsal and profound singing and instrumental education. There have been numerous prominent composers from all ages of music history who were closely associated with the Dresden Kreuzchor. Among them are the early-baroque Dresden court music director Heinrich Schütz as well as Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who both worked in nearby Leipzig.

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