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Saturday  20 July 2024  3 pm

1st Chorin European Concert 2024

Kyiv Symphony Orchestra
Christian Gerhaher  baritone
Peter Gülke  director
Peter Gülke  Introduction to the concert programme. The number of participants is limited. Therefore we ask for registration.

Alphons Diepenbrock (1862 – 1921)
In the Great Silence for baritone and orchestra (1905/1906)
The Night for baritone and orchestrar (1911)

Gustav Mahler (1860 – 1911)  Adagio from Symphony No. 10 in F# major (1910)

Not a lot of people know the Dutch composer Alphons Diepenbrock today. Gustav Mahler met him on his stays in the Netherlands between 1903 and 1906 and valued him much. “I’ve met an interesting Dutch musician named Diepenbrock here. A true and profound soul,” he wrote to his wife Alma. Diepenbrock’s orchestral lieder, set to lyrics by Friedrich Hölderlin (Die Nacht) and Friedrich Nietzsche (Im großen Schweigen), combine the tonal and sensual qualities of voices and the orchestra in dramatic, opera-like fashion.

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Tickets 39 €  32 €  27 €  19 €  14 €  12 € +plus 10% advance booking fee
Discounts 3 €
Price categories 1 to 6: Description and seating plan

Please book wheelchair places with accompaniment and free tickets for children up to 6 years of age on the lawn by telephone on 03334 818472 weekdays until 4 pm, or by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..